Driving Results with Paid Media

01 /01
Winning Appliances

Paid Media Management

The Brief

Winning Appliances appointed The Local Production to spearhead its paid social and digital marketing strategy, focusing on high-end partner brands like Miele, V-Zug, Bosch among others in the appliance sector. The task involved crafting unique creative content for each brand and developing strategies tailored to appeal to each partner brand’s specific demographic and target market.​


The Narrative

The challenge was to design and implement a marketing and branding strategy that resonated with the unique audience of each partner brand. This required a deep understanding of the distinct consumer profiles associated with premium appliance brands and the creation of compelling, brand-specific content that would engage and convert these target demographics.

The Outcome

The Local Production’s strategic approach in managing Winning Appliances’ paid social campaigns resulted in significant benefits. There was a noticeable increase in foot traffic to Winning Appliances stores, complemented by a surge in website traffic. Additionally, the campaign effectively boosted the social media presence of Winning Appliances on platforms like Meta (Facebook and Instagram), leading to a substantial growth in its social following. This outcome highlighted the success of the tailored marketing strategies in engaging the target audience and driving both physical and digital engagement.