Elevating Products Through Photography

01 /05
Photography by Dave Kulesza
Tait Furniture


The Brief

Tait commissioned The Local Production to photograph its latest product range, Zephyr. The brief required sourcing an architectural coastal home in Victoria, Australia, to align with the ‘Australian coastal’ theme of the new collection, emphasising the quality blend of design, landscape, and furniture.

The Narrative

A team of skilled architectural and product photographers and stylists were engaged for this shoot. The focus was on capturing the harmony between Tait’s furniture, the chosen coastal home and the surrounding landscape, illustrating the suitability of the Zephyr collection for Australian coastal living.

The Outcome

The shoot produced a final set of 35 images, artistically showcasing the furniture within the home and its coastal environment. These images not only highlighted the products in situ but also included broader coastal scenery to complete the campaign narrative. The content was successfully used across Tait’s channels and marketing initiatives, contributing to a successful product launch.