Creating The Expert Series for Artedomus

01 /12
Editing and Videography by Cheer Squad

Videography, Post-production

The Brief

Artedomus approached The Local Production for a unique project: the creation of The Expert Series, a set of educational videos spanning over five years. This series was designed to be a comprehensive guide, offering insights into Artedomus’ extensive product range, including partner brands and the intricacies of its offerings. The goal was to produce engaging content that not only educates the brand’s audience about products like Inax Tiles from Japan but also serves as a learning tool for new staff.

The Narrative

The Local Production curated a collection of 36 diverse videos, ranging from short snippets to more detailed explorations, with the hero content clocking in at an accessible 3 to 6 minutes each. Filmed in various locales – from the artisanship of Japan, where Inax Tiles originate, to Artedomus’ Australian showrooms, and within the very fabric of residential and commercial projects – the series offers an authentic glimpse of the products in real-world applications.

The Outcome

The Expert Series evolved into a visual encyclopaedia, not just for Artedomus’ clientele but also as an invaluable onboarding resource for new staff. Each video, presented in a crisp 16:9 format, served to engage viewers with digestible yet rich content, ensuring the essence of Artedomus was both understood and remembered.​