The Responsible Specifier from Vision to Print

01 /03

Publication Design, Copywriting, Custom Distribution and Logistics

The Brief

ForestOne initiated a six-month project with The Local Production to develop The Responsible Specifier, a comprehensive printed publication. This project encompassed designing, conceptualising, writing, producing, printing and strategically distributing the publication to key clients.

The Narrative

The publication – beyond showcasing ForestOne’s products and partner brands – featured key sections such as the company’s brand philosophy, project highlights, team introductions and a product index. It also included testimonials from industry specifiers in various settings, emphasising sustainability. Additionally, the publication highlighted ForestOne’s new Melbourne showroom.


The Outcome

The Responsible Specifier emerged as a holistic representation of ForestOne’s ethos and offerings. By combining insights into the brand’s philosophy, product range and commitment to sustainability, alongside real-world applications, the publication effectively communicated ForestOne’s market leadership to its key clients.​