The Rolls-Royce Ghost at Dovecote

01 /04

Videography, Post-production

The Brief

The Local Production acquired a Rolls-Royce car in order to elevate a feature in The Local Project. The Ghost was set against a distinguished architectural backdrop, in this case the distinctive design-driven property, Dovecote in southern New South Wales.

The Narrative

The filming in this production, The Local Production aimed to encapsulate The Ghost’s allure within Dovecote’s architectural beauty. The filming process was carefully orchestrated to accentuate the car’s design in both day and night environments, illustrating the harmony between contemporary architecture and luxury automotive craftsmanship.

The Outcome

The project resulted in the production of a range of impactful short-form clips, tailored for various social and digital platforms. These clips varied in focus, with some emphasising the features of the Ghost, others highlighting the surrounding landscape, and several intertwining the architecture of Dovecote with the car.