Innovative Product Showcase in Project Video

01 /05
Videography by Dan Preston
Photography by Dave Kulesza
Shade Factor

Videography, Post-production, Photography

The Brief

Shade Factor commissioned The Local Production to coordinate and produce a compelling video showcasing its products within the Limestone House designed by industry-leading firm Wardle. The focus was to align Shade Factor with the house’s luxurious appeal and sustainable design, which mirrored Shade Factor’s commitment to sustainability and quality.

The Narrative

Our team crafted a visual narrative within the Limestone House, accentuating Shade Factor’s products as integral elements of the home’s design. The filming highlighted the seamless integration of Shade Factor’s offerings in a setting that embodies luxury and ecological sensitivity, reinforcing the brand’s market position in high-end, sustainable architectural solutions.

The Outcome

The project culminated in a 60-second hero video in a 16:9 format, encapsulating the essence of Shade Factor’s brand within the context of premium residential architecture. This asset was tailored for impact across social channels and digital marketing platforms, like YouTube and Facebook, to amplify brand visibility and engagement.