RUUM’s About Us Printed Publication

01 /03

Publication Design

The Brief

RUUM engaged The Local Production to design a 40-page About Us printed publication that encapsulates the architectural designer’s business model. The publication needed to communicate RUUM’s process, vision and the advantages of their architect-designed homes, despite the challenge of having no completed projects to showcase at the time.

The Narrative

The content strategy centred on the use of high-quality renders and 3D visualisations to represent RUUM’s offerings. The publication aimed to convey not only the “what” and the “how” but also the “why” behind RUUM’s innovative approach to residential architecture.

The Outcome

In addition to producing the publication, The Local Production orchestrated a strategic distribution campaign targeting key markets in Melbourne and Sydney. A targeted database was curated for distribution, which generated significant leads and fostered new partnerships with architects and builders, catalysing growth and opportunities for RUUM.