Leveraging Influence with Rebecca Judd

01 /02
Lowe Living


The Brief

Lowe Living, a prominent property developer, partnered with TV personality Rebecca Judd to showcase their latest residential projects. The objective was clear: create a series of engaging and informative videos that highlighted the unique homes designed by Rebecca Judd for Lowe Living. The Local Production was enlisted to collaborate with Rebecca Judd’s production team to bring this vision to life.

The Narrative

The Local Production seamlessly integrated with Rebecca Judd’s team to ensure a cohesive storytelling approach. The narrative aimed to capture not only the beauty and functionality of the homes but also the thought process and inspiration behind Rebecca Judd’s designs. The goal was to resonate with potential buyers, design enthusiasts and industry professionals by offering an insider’s look into the world of Lowe Living and the creative process of a renowned designer.

The Outcome

The collaborative video series achieved remarkable success, with the featured properties selling out shortly after hitting the market. The videos played a pivotal role in generating immense interest and demand among potential buyers, underscoring the effectiveness of the collaboration. Additionally, the series elevated Lowe Living’s brand image by associating it with a well-known and respected figure like Rebecca Judd.