Picture Perfect for Made by Storey

01 /05
Photography by Timothy Kaye
Made by Storey


The Brief

Made by Storey, a Melbourne-based timber flooring company, engaged The Local Production to showcase its products in a high-end architectural setting. The task was to find a luxurious residence designed by a leading architect that featured their flooring prominently, highlighting how elite architects incorporate their products into exceptional homes.

The Narrative

Understanding that Made by Storey’s primary audience comprises industry specifiers like architects and interior designers, the approach for the Berkeley Street Residence shoot was to create premium content that would resonate with these professionals. Collaborating with Workroom, an industry-leading practice, was essential to lend authenticity and prestige to the project. The focus was on crafting a visual story that went beyond direct product promotion. By highlighting both the timber flooring and the architectural elegance of the residence, the aim was to subtly influence the target market through a complete visual narrative, showcasing the product in an aspirational setting.

The Outcome

The photoshoot yielded 40 final images that perfectly captured the essence of the Berkeley Street Residence and the quality of Made by Storey’s product. These images were utilised across Made by Storey’s digital and social channels, and in various marketing campaigns, both in print and online, effectively showcasing the brand’s presence in high-end architectural designs.