Luxury Print Adverts Designed To Stand Out

01 /02
Made by Storey

Design, Copywriting, Photography

The Brief

Made by Storey approached The Local Production to develop a print advertising campaign. The task involved designing, copywriting and producing photographic content for double-page spread and single-page spread executions, tailored for various print publications.

The Narrative

The challenge for The Local Production in crafting the print ads for Made by Storey was to align the photography and copywriting with the brand’s ethos of premium and luxury design. It was crucial to source and photograph premium projects that exemplified the elegance and quality of Made by Storey’s products. The copywriting needed to be enticing and effective, appealing not just to general consumers who appreciate luxury design, but also to industry-leading architects and designers.

The Outcome

The final advertisements, featuring both double-page and single-page formats, successfully captured Made by Storey’s brand essence and product quality. These ads, varying in design to suit different publication formats, effectively conveyed the elegance and innovation of Made by Storey’s offerings in the print media landscape.