Made by Storey in Your Inbox

01 /02
Made by Storey

EDM Design, EDM Management

The Brief 

Made by Storey approached The Local Production with a unique challenge: to design, code and manage its monthly Storey Time EDM. The objective was clear – to create an engaging email campaign that would resonate with the company’s audience while adhering to its brand guidelines.


The Narrative 

To meet the client’s expectations, The Local Production embarked on a journey of creative design and meticulous coding. The EDM was carefully crafted to align with Made by Storey’s brand ethos and design-focused tone of voice. ​The email campaign was not just about aesthetics; it was also optimised for functionality and responsiveness across various devices. The coding process ensured that the EDM would display seamlessly on desktops, tablets and mobile phones, providing an enjoyable reading experience for recipients.


The Outcome 

The launch of the Storey Time EDM marked a significant milestone for Made by Storey. Over the first 12 months, the EDM campaign consistently achieved an impressive open rate of over 55%, far surpassing industry averages. Most notably, the Storey Time EDM emerged as Made by Storey’s most successful online marketing tool and leads generator. The campaign drove a substantial influx of enquiries and website traffic after each send-out, contributing significantly to the company’s online presence and growth.​