Monthly EDMs from Design to Delivery

01 /03

EDM Design and Management, Copywriting

The Brief

ForestOne, a leading supplier of timber and decorative surfaces, approached The Local Production with a unique challenge: to design, code and manage their monthly ‘The Log’ EDM. The primary goal was to create an engaging email campaign that would resonate with the brand’s target audience, including architects, designers, builders and industry professionals. The Log EDM comprised several critical components, including product highlights, industry insights, company updates and more. The challenge was to craft an EDM that not only conveyed information effectively but also showcased ForestOne’s commitment to quality and sustainability. Additionally, The Local Production was entrusted with managing the send-out process and maintaining ForestOne’s database, ensuring seamless communication with their subscribers.


The Narrative

The Log EDM was carefully crafted to align with ForestOne’s brand ethos and design tone of voice. Each component, from the informative product highlights to the industry insights and company updates, was thoughtfully designed to capture the essence of the brand. The email campaign was not just about aesthetics; it was also optimised for functionality and responsiveness across various devices.


The Outcome

The re-launch of The Log EDM marked a significant milestone for ForestOne. Its success was evident in the outstanding results achieved. Over the first 12 months, the EDM campaign consistently achieved an impressive open rate of over 32%, far surpassing industry averages.