Crafting Copy for Mano Bricks

01 /02
Eco Outdoor

Copywriting, SEO Optimisation

The Brief

Eco Outdoor engaged The Local Production for compelling copywriting and strategic SEO optimisation for its new Mano Bricks. The task was to ensure the copy not only adhered to the brand’s tone but also resonated with industry professionals and ranked effectively on search engines.

The Narrative

In crafting the narrative for Mano Bricks, The Local Production integrated SEO best practices with creative storytelling. We conducted thorough keyword research to align the product’s unique selling points with the terms most relevant to architects, designers and builders. The copy was infused with these keywords to captivate the target audience while enhancing online discoverability.

The Outcome

The copy and SEO strategy for Mano Bricks culminated in a dual achievement: a strong brand-aligned message that engaged industry professionals and optimised web presence to drive traffic and leads. The SEO-enriched content supported Eco Outdoor’s goal to position Mano Bricks prominently in a competitive digital landscape.