A Social Synergy with Darren Palmer

01 /03
Winning Appliances

Content Creation, Social Media Strategy

The Brief

Winning Appliances embarked on a new approach to their showrooms, offering a comprehensive range of products, including furniture, appliances and bathware. To effectively communicate this transformation, Winning Appliances collaborated with renowned interior designer and TV personality, Darren Palmer. The project encompassed the creation of a series of 10 short-form video content pieces tailored for Instagram, specifically in the 9:16 format and ranging from 20 to 40 seconds each.

The Narrative

Darren Palmer seamlessly integrated with our team to craft a narrative that would resonate with the audience. The videos aimed to be more than just a walkthrough; they were designed to take viewers on a journey of discovery. Darren’s expertise and charismatic narration brought life to the showroom, highlighting Winning Appliances’ expanded product range and the unique shopping experience it offered.

The Outcome

Darren’s engaging presence and articulate explanations resonated with viewers, making the showroom transformation accessible and appealing. As a result, the videos generated substantial interest and engagement among potential customers, driving foot traffic to the Redfern showrooms and boosting online enquiries.