Curating an E-book Series

01 /04


The Brief

Artedomus entrusted The Local Production with the creation of a digital publication, showcasing its products through various high-profile architectural projects. This e-book was to be a testament to Artedomus’s collaboration with industry-leading architects and designers, demonstrating the application of their materials in distinctive designs.

The Narrative

The focus was on curating content that highlighted key projects by renowned collaborators, underscoring the versatility and aesthetic appeal of Artedomus’s range. The e-book was designed to align with the brand’s visual identity, enriched with interactive elements that linked to extensive video and photographic content, illustrating the real-world application of its products.

The Outcome

The resulting digital publication, available on the Artedomus website, became a valuable resource for showcasing the brand’s materials in high-end architecture and design. It served as an interactive portfolio of Artedomus’s collaborations, effectively highlighting its influence in the design industry.